Installation VoIP Detective is a prebuilt linux based appliance that is available as an OVA file. To install VoIP Detective, you'll want to follow this process:

  1. Request a free license key from this page if you haven't already.  If you have multiple copies of VoIP Detective, please request a new key for each installation.
  2. Download the VoIP Detective OVA file from the same page
  3. Deploy the virtual machine (OVA). The appliance is set to use DHCP. If you'd like to continue using DHCP to assign an address to VoIP Detective, Use your web browser to go to the IP address of VoIP Detective and follow the instructions there, skipping the instructions below.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Assigning a static IP address to VoIP Detective.  Please see this article
  5. If using a DNS address then set a hostname in the VoIP Detective CLI.  Please see this article.
  6. Use your web browser to go to the address of VoIP Detective - you can find the IP of VoIP Detective by using your VMware ESI or Vcenter console.
  7. Step through the installer.  This will provide the system with a minimum configuration, and get you up and running.
  8. Point CDRs from your CUCM to VoIP Detective - Please go here to learn how to configure CDRs in CUCM.
  9. Login to VoIP Detective's web interface as admin - The default username is 'admin' and the default password is 'voip'.

If you have any questions, please click on the "New Support Ticket" button above.