Normally, VoIP Detective application is upgraded by going to the update page inside your admin console - this will bring your installation to the latest app version. If for example, there is a bugfix in the underlying operating system that you would like to deploy, you may want to stand up a new install of VoIP Detective, and migrate your data over. We call this a VoIP Detective OS upgrade.  Should you need to migrate your data from one VoIP Detective installation to another, please follow this process:

  1. Stand up a new VoIP Detective installation. This should be on a different IP address that your existing (old) VoIP Detective installation. Do not install your license key on this new installation yet.
  2. In this new VoIP Detective installation, configuration -> disable processing
  3. In old VoIP Detective, go to backups -> create manual backup. Download this backup
  4. In old VoIP Detective, go to the licensing page and uninstall your license. Be sure to note your license key.
  5. Shutdown Old VoIP Detective, either through the CLI, or through ESXi / Vcenter.
  6. If you are using a dedicated IP address, login to the new VoIP Detective CLI and assign it the IP address of old VoIP Detective. Reboot the virtual machine
  7. In new VoIP Detective go to the web gui, to the licensing page, and activate your license.
  8. In new vd, use an sftp program like the filezilla client to upload file
    • user voipdetective password voip
    • upload to /restore folder
  9. In new VoIP Detective - backups -> restore.
  10. At this point your old username(s) and passwords will apply.
  11. In new vd - configuration -> enable processing
  12. Verify that new records are being received and processed by your new VoIP Detective install. This can be done by waiting 5 minutes and checking for new calls in the admin search.