VoIP Detective is designed to read the call records (CDR files) from a Cisco Call Manager.  Here is a high level overview of how things work:

  1. Deploy the VoIP Detective virtual machine into your VMware environment.
  2. VoIP Detective listens for incoming call records.
  3. After adding the IP address of VoIP Detective as a "Billing Server" in Call Manager, Call Manager will begin sending files to VoIP Detective.
  4. VoIP Detective free processes these files once an hour, and Pro processes these files every minute.
  5. Once a file is processed, it is added to VoIP Detective's database.

Once up and running, VoIP Detective can be access through a web browser.  

It can be important to know that VoIP Detective  does not need any access or permissions to your Cisco Call Manager.  VoIP Detective simply listens for Call Manager to send records, and imports these records into the VoIP Detective database.