In some situations you may want to move from one VoIP Detective installation to another.  Usually this would be done to take advantage of updates and changes to the underlying operating system.  The overall idea in this migration is that we will backup VoIP Detective, download the backup, then restore to a new VoIP Detective installation.

  1. Ensure that your current (old) installation of VoIP Detective is upgraded to the most recent version.  This can be done by going to Administration -> Update
  2. Download and deploy VoIP Detective to your new server.  This can be either ESXi or VMware Player.  You do not need to fully configure VoIP Detective, you only need to install the appliance and power it on.  We will overwrite the default configuration when we restore your backup.
  3. Old installation - go to Administration -> Licensing and click "Uninstall License"
  4. Old installation - go to Administration -> Backups and click "Begin manual backup"
  5. Old installation - Once complete, use the download link to download the manual backup
  6. Old installation - Using the CLI, shutdown your old VoIP Detective appliance.
  7. New installation - Either configure a static IP address on VoIP Detective, or note the current DHCP address (static is recommended)
  8. Using an SFTP client (my favorite is FileZilla) connect to VoIP Detective using the same credentials that Call Manager would use (username 'voipdetective' password 'voip' unless this has been changed).  We will want to upload our backup into the /restore folder.
  9. New installation - using your web browser go to http:// <voip detective ip> /admin.  You will need to login (username admin, password voip).  Once logged in, go to Administration -> Backups
  10. New installation - go to "Restore a backup"
  11. Your backup should be detected.  Just click on restore this backup.
  12. If the new installation of VoIP Detective will be using a different IP address or DNS name than the old one was using, go to Administration -> Configuration and update this information.
  13. Go to Administration -> Licensing, and click on "Activate License"
  14. Finally, if the DNS or IP Address of VoIP Detective has changed, you will need to update the "billing server" in CUCM.