Having problems licensing VoIP Detective?  Don't worry, we can get this sorted out.  Here are some common issues that come up:

  1. VoIP Detective requires an internet connection.  If your organization does not allow direct communication with the internet, there are a few options available:
    • Use a proxy server - VoIP Detective can use a proxy server on your network to reach the internet.  This way you can filter what communication occurs.
    • Open VoIP Detective only to specific websites.  VoIP Detective only needs to communicate with the following websites:
      1. https:// www.voipdetective.com
      2. https:// license.voipdetective.com
      3. https:// update.voipdetective.com
  2. Site URL issues - If there is an issue with the Site URL entered during setup then activation can fail.  Go to Administration -> Configuration and verify your Site URL uses the following format (if it is not, please proceed to the next step):  
    • http:// <ip address>
    • http:// hostname.youcompany.com
  3. Changing the Site URL.  Licensing is tied to the Site URL inside of your VoIP Detective configuration page.  Changing this will break licensing, and sometimes prevent you from re-licensing.  If you would like to change the site url (or have already), please do the following:
    1. Go to Administration -> Licensing and uninstall your license.  
    2. Press uninstall a second time.  
    3. You should now see the option to "purge license data".  Press this button.
    4. Go to Administration -> Configuration and update the site url.  Press "Go" to save the site url.
    5. Return to Administration -> Licensing and activate your license.
  4. There is a limit to the number of VoIP Detective installations each license can run.  If there is a failure when deactivating a license, your key will not be freed for a new activation.  In this case, please open a ticket.

When all else fails, please open a support ticket.